96.7 MERLE REQUEST LINE: 896-9670


96.7 MERLE REQUEST LINE: 896-9670


Home Connect Listen to 96.7 Merle on your smart speaker

Listen to 96.7 Merle on your smart speaker

96.7 Merle is available on every major connected home virtual assistant, including Amazon’s Alexa devices, Google’s Nest devices, and Apple’s Siri-enabled devices.

Follow the instructions below to listen to 96.7 Merle on your connected smart speaker…

Amazon Alexa devices:

To listen to 96.7 Merle on Amazon Alexa devices, you must first enable the 96.7 Merle skill.

To enable, you have three options:

  • Search Amazon.com/skill for the “96.7 Merle” skill and enable it (or click here)
  • Open the Alexa companion app on your mobile device, search for “96.7 Merle” and click enable
  • Say “Alexa, enable the 96.7 Merle skill”

After you’ve enabled the 96.7 Merle skill, simply say: “Alexa, open ninety six point seven merle.”

Google Nest devices:
Simply say: “Hey Google, play ninety six point seven merle on tune in.”

Apple Siri-enabled devices:
Simply say: “Siri, play ninety six point seven merle.”

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