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Live music is back!

If you know me, you know I play with my band in East Tennessee and other places.  Like you, we’ve not been able to go out.  Never have I ever missed playing music so much in front of a live audience!  And I can happily say I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people eager to get out and be a part of live music as I am seeing now. 

Over the weekend I played a couple of shows in East Tennessee and both times the places were absolutely packed!  People were eating, conversing, smiling and clearly ready to listen to live music.  This makes me grateful.  The wait times for a table at both locations where we played live was between an hour and half to two hours.

I spoke to one couple who thanked me multiple times about being back at playing music and they told me that they have been so depressed by having to stay home.  Music to them is therapy and it’s their favorite part about the weekend (when football isn’t in season).  It’s fun for musicians, too.

Both of the places we played followed CDC guidelines and made sure that everything was cleaned and sanitized.   

It’s just time to go and embrace life again.  It’s time that we get out and enjoy what beautiful East Tennessee has to offer SAFELY! 

For more updates and showtimes for when live music is in Knoxville and East Tennessee be sure to be listening to 96.7 Merle!  And don’t forget we have our own 96.7 Merle Summer 2020 Concert Series @ Brushy Mountain.  Details are available anytime @ 967Merle.com.

– Temper
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