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Finding Your Peace & Understanding In A Coronavirus World

During times like these it’s easy to feel unsettled. Not knowing what tomorrow will bring can be kind of scary, but remember, we never know what tomorrow brings. Right now, we are being pumped with news from every outlet – social media and mainstream media. When you are force-fed uneasy news, your body triggers instinct. Those instincts sometimes tell you that something isn’t right about what you’re being told. That’s when you should just turn off the news! That’s when you should take a deep breath and remind yourself that there is good news going on in the world today.

That was me about a week ago. I was feeling scared, uneasy, unsettled, and just really unsure of my future. But then I just stopped. I took a deep breath, I bowed my head and prayed that God would give me the peace and understanding of what is going on. I prayed that all those affected to be taken care of in this “storm of life.” After I prayed, I chose to turn off all negative news, and I forced myself to only see the positive in what is going on. I turned up the volume on my show, so I could vibe off the positive flow of the music more. 

I now spend more time exercising, playing with my dogs, and spending time outside enjoying God’s creations. That will improve your mood and your attitude. God is pretty amazing. The uncertainty we have because of Coronavirus will end. Until then, I have discovered a much better mindset living my life this way.

Sometimes, we have to remind ourselves that we have power! Join me! Let’s use our power for good. See you on the radio at 96.7 Merle!


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