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Coronavirus shouldn’t divide us

What I fear of COVID-19 is not the virus itself. What concerns me is how it is affecting our world. Don’t get me wrong, the virus is serious enough. It has killed thousands and hospitalized many, but I consider myself looking at a larger picture than just the virus itself. What is the real impact of the virus to our country? It has caused some to be really nervous, and the virus is also dividing many people. 

I’m more concerned about how it’s going to turn us against each other, especially on social media. It’s becoming almost impossible to talk about Coronavirus, because some people want to shout you down with their opinion. It’s almost as difficult to express an opinion about Coronavirus as it would be to talk about religion or politics. Don’t even ask about politics.

Here’s a real thought for you: Are we going to allow an invisible enemy to make us the enemy of each other? Why can’t we use this time to learn to be kind to each other, even in stressful situations? You’ve heard this a hundred times: We’re in this together.

We see enough opinion and discord on social media about someone’s religion or their political views. It shouldn’t be a surprise that some people might have a different opinion of these things from our own opinions, but that shouldn’t really stop us from being friends or enjoying each other’s company.

I do my daily precautions to keep from getting Coronavirus, but I don’t want the fact that this virus has appeared at this time in my life to divide my friends or my family. 

You may feel like I do. I don’t know everything. I have to depend on experts and I try to stay informed. I hope others will do the same, but I always think discussion about subjects like Coronavirus can be healthy.

Let’s try to put a little more kindness in the world. Now, good luck discussing this is social media. If you get too tired of the grumbling, flip on 96.7 Merle. We’re here for you.

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